Bankruptcy Capabilities


We offer a complete spectrum of services for real estate creditors, and debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11. With fluid expertise we are able to successfully conduct a 363 liquidation or complete a recapitalization or sale under a plan of reorganization. Rosewood Realty Group leads the industry with over 100 years of combined real estate experience. Our proficiency in investment sales along with our knowledge of the bankruptcy process is what sets our team of professionals apart. Our outstanding relationships with the legal and investment communities enable us to coordinate all moving parts in the transaction. Rosewood is a well-known and trusted liaison between debtors, creditors, special servicers, receivers, managing agents, trustees, and attorneys.


For each sale, we work closely with our clients to create a thorough and highly effective marketing program. Our customized campaigns cover all bases and consist of a mix of narrated drone and virtual reality videos, email, direct mail, phone canvassing, print and online advertising, public relations, web, social media and signage. We provide updates to all parties involved with bi-monthly reports that detail all aspects of the marketing process, inspections and offers, timing, and proposed strategies for success. We recognize that each bankruptcy is unique and we excel at navigating the complexities and nuances of every deal. Each transaction is guided by both business acumen and recognition of the human component. We understand that lives and finances are at stake and empathize with debtors who have fallen behind in payments. We don’t rest until every tool in our belt has been utilized to get lenders, creditors, and debtors the greatest recovery. All interests are aligned in maximizing the proceeds, and our expertise and work ethic ensure the highest sale price is achieved. If debtors do not want to liquidate, we work diligently with them to find a refinance or joint venture. Long after the lights have gone out in other shops, we are on the job.